Technical Project Management

Use software correctly.

Software usage

The implementation of legal projects often requires the use of special software. Whether Contract Management, Virtual Data Rooms, E-Discovery, Project Management or Data Analysis, our Technical Project Managers will support you.

According to your ideas and needs, we select the appropriate tool together with you. We configure it for your project, train you in its use and support you in the smooth running of the project.

Technical Project Manager

Our Technical Project Managers are interdisciplinary, have a legal and/or business education and, in addition to the necessary IT affinity, enjoy and are curious about technical challenges. They are trained and certified in many common software solutions, so that a fast onboarding to your requirements is always guaranteed.

Hand in Hand

Our Technical Project Managers and our Legal Project Managers work hand in hand to understand the processes, intentions and circumstances of the project and to contribute efficiently.


The use of a Technical Project Manager aims to save costs and time. This expertise is the added value and the quiet cog in every project.

State of the art

Through curiosity and joy in progress, our Project Managers are always up to date with the latest technology. They look at new solutions, try them out in test environments and if they are convinced of them, they are used in projects.

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