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Managed Document Review

The classic review and classification of data and documents is our core competence. We work with all common E-Discovery tools. Together with you, we select the appropriate E-Discovery tool, develop a review strategy and design a search term list. International documents, redaction and time-critical reviews are routinely performed and processed by our reviewers.

Document Analysis

We help companies to extract the essential content from their unstructured contracts and documents. From the software-supported extraction of the most important contract contents, to the input or import of contract data into your contract management software, to the monitoring and updating, we will gladly take over the work for you. Our multilingual teams understand almost every contractual language and will be happy to translate the contents of the regulations into your target language.

The results are according to your wishes or clearly arranged in our Info Data Room.

Internal Investigations

Within the scope of Internal Investigations, we support legal departments and law firms in clarifying the facts of the case.


Software-supported, we offer pseudonymization of confidential information and data, which, if necessary, can only be decrypted by the correct addressee.


Whether personal information, trade secrets or data protection issues, we reliably black out the information you are not permitted to disclose.

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