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We think in solutions.

reThinkLegal is specialized in legal and technical projects at the interface of litigation, compliance, risk mitigation and corporate information management. One of our skills is to provide exactly the sought-after, decisive information from huge data stocks – reliably, precisely and exactly according to your requirements.

Our work is not limited to identifying and providing information. As a Think Tank, we systematically search for solutions. We are driven by the fundamental problems behind selective difficulties. The goal is to achieve efficient processes for your work steps.

Our qualifications consist of a combination of legal expertise and IT competence, an eye for business management connections and an international orientation. The basis of our success is the experience gained from a long series of precisely completed projects.

Complex operational processes and international interdependencies, ongoing procedures, explosive regulations, business-critical information, plus time pressure, data protection obligations, a demanding IT environment and solutions that have to be thought up first: This is the environment in which we feel comfortable – and deliver solutions. Since 2005.


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Stefan Beßling

Managing Partner, Lawyer

Anna-Katharina Horn

Managing Director, Lawyer