Legal Project Management

Legal projects simply implemented.

Legal Project Management

Especially for large, international projects with different project participants, it can be helpful to assign an experienced, external Legal Project Manager to carry out the project.

The Legal Project Manager (LPM) creates an overview of which project party fulfills which function and which sub-project has to be completed by when.

Legal Project Manager

The LPM’s task is to ensure that the project runs smoothly. Through constant communication with the project participants and documentation of progress, as well as consultation with stakeholders, each project party receives the information it needs for its work.

An LPM acts as an information hub, first point of contact and problem solver. In addition to communication skills, our Legal Project Managers have certifications in many software solutions and are experienced in dealing with new challenges.

Lawyers as project managers

Our project managers are qualified jurists, business lawyers and fully qualified lawyers. They understand the environment in which legal projects are embedded. In addition to German processes, they are also familiar with international procedures.

International understanding

The special thing about our approach is that we take into account international contexts and different working cultures. Our project managers speak many different languages and receive training to respond appropriately to individual projects and needs.

Technical matter of course

To facilitate our own work, we rely on the use of technical solutions. Whether for communication, documentation or reporting, we have the right software to implement your project in a time and cost-efficient way.

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