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Redaction Software

Most E-Discovery tools have excellent redaction features. It is also possible to connect specialized redaction software to some tools via an API to minimize the manual redaction effort.

Our common project workflow starts with information about what kind of project this redaction is involved in, why what should be redacted and what happens to the document after redaction.

Redaction Process

Personal data, trade secrets and anything else our customers do not want to reveal is redacted by our review teams with software. We create a list of names, expressions, dates, numbers, etc. This is run over all documents and check the results in several steps. The list is adjusted and the process starts all over again. If we use an E-Discovery tool for redactions, we produce the documents afterwards and thus connect the redactions inseparably with the document. The data set can then be handed over to the authorities or, if necessary, to the opposing party in court proceedings.

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