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Legal Project Management

Implementing a legal project successfully and on time can be a challenge. Especially when many project participants are involved in an interdisciplinary manner, an external, independent Legal Project Manager can ensure smooth communication and successful execution of the project plan.

Technical Project Management

Carrying through legal projects with IT solutions requires mutual understanding. Our technical project managers are familiar with the processes of legal workflows and know where technical solutions offer the greatest added value.

If you want to implement projects in, with and through software, our interdisciplinary team can support you.


Project Management Software

To make our work easier, we have developed a PM software. Inspired by practical experience, assessed by our own critical eyes and tested in tough situations. This tool ensures reliable reporting, project calculations and comprehensive analyses of project parameters.
In Focus

Legal Project Manager

Our Legal Project Managers are jurists and have managed many legal projects in the last few years. With a well thought-out project plan, the right IT solution and empathy, we lead your project to its goal.

After consultation with all parties involved in the project, we create a project plan. Through regular communication and continuous documentation, we support all project participants in reaching their intermediate goals. In crisis situations we act as a neutral mediator. You decide to what extent you want to be involved in the project process. Through regular reporting you will be informed about the progress of the project according to your ideas.

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