Document Analysis

With a clearly defined route through the document jungle.

The challenge

Company or project archives contain a huge number of documents, certificates, records and messages. Now, it is essential to promptly identify exactly those documents and provide content that is relevant to an upcoming legal or compliance audit.

Error tolerance is not provided for. Reliable results are crucial. The time frame is tight. There is no room for error or oversight.

You would like to outsource the project completely, but…. There must be no compromises in quality. The costs must remain affordable. Strict adherence to legal requirements and compliance regulations must be guaranteed. Data security and confidentiality have top priority. And the success of the project must not be jeopardized under any circumstances.

The Solution

Technology Assisted Review.

Together with you, we identify the required documents, which are then prepared and, if necessary, edited for further processing. Your documents are then transferred in a machine-readable and orderly manner to software suitable for the project requirements. This can be a classic E-Discovery solution, which we have configured accordingly for certain use cases, or another document intelligence software that we use for you. Here we work with “state of the art” tools and use artificial intelligence efficiently and reliably.

As a result, you receive exactly the information you need for your work – in exactly the format you need.


We have partnerships with leading software vendors and can always choose the appropriate software for your needs that meets the project and budget requirements.


No matter what kind of documents your project involves, we can flexibly adapt our tools to your application. You can find a selection of possible use cases here.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence such as predictive coding, natural language processing and machine learning significantly increases the efficiency of technology assisted review. Thanks to the human component, the results are reliable and accurate.

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