Internal Investigations

Efficient and effective.

Support during realization

When conducting your Internal Investigation, we support you in generating information, reviewing and summarizing the facts.

In concrete terms, this means that we will be at your side from the moment the project plan is drawn up. We will gladly take care of all procedures, schedules and responsibilities so that you and your consultants can concentrate on their work. Both in the selection of technical solutions and in their implementation, we bring our keen interest in IT to bear.

If you decide on an E-Discovery procedure, we not only have the right partners at hand, but also conduct your first-level review. With an experienced eye and a mature strategy, we quickly narrow down the number of potentially relevant documents to save your time and money.

As certified case managers of many common E-Discovery tools, our project managers are familiar with small tricks and tips to fully exploit the technical possibilities. We work closely with your legal advisors in order to always adapt our approach flexibly to the results found.

Whether the Internal Investigation has an official request, a legal proceeding or a compliance background, we are ready to help you find the right answer to open questions in your data.

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